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Venezuela Forces Search Opp. Homes

Venezuela Forces Search Opp. Homes     03/21 06:55

   CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) -- Venezuelan security forces have searched the 
homes of two key supporters of opposition leader Juan Guaido, who is escalating 
a campaign to oust President Nicolas Maduro.

   Venezuelan intelligence agents early Thursday entered the homes of 
opposition lawmaker Sergio Vergara and of Roberto Marrero, a lawyer who heads 
Guaido's office. Both men accompanied Guaido on a recent Latin American tour to 
build international support for his efforts to remove Maduro.

   Guaido confirmed the operation against his aides in a Twitter post. Vergara 
also tweeted about security forces entering his home, saying they were 
violating his parliamentary immunity.

   Guaido says he is the rightful leader of Venezuela and that Maduro's 
re-election last year was illegitimate. Maduro says Guaido is a collaborator in 
a U.S. plot to overthrow his government.


Wheat Commentary

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Other Commentary

Good evening May corn finished up ¼ of a cent, May beans up 2 cents, and May wheat up 8 1/4 cents. Dovish comments by the Fed were the biggest news around the trade today. The weaker dollar helped wheat find some more support that created some buying that spilled over into corn and beans. Headlines about a trade deal coming along nicely according to President Trump didn’t bring out buyers. The news is old and the market is tired of it. Today was the 7th consecutive day with no daily export sale announced and the bearish impact seemed to be limited due to the rally in wheat. According to Reuters the US producer has found some company in the Argentine farmer who is not marketing what is expected to be a 55MMT soybean crop because the Chicago board is too low. Managed money shorts, no export announcements, and delays regarding the trade deal are weighing on prices and farmers continue holding out for good (read bullish) news.
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