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Rivals Iran,Saudi Arabia Join at Summit

Rivals Iran,Saudi Arabia Join at Summit04/20 09:22

   BAGHDAD (AP) -- A summit organized by Iraq is bringing together regional 
rivals Saudi Arabia and Iran to bridge relations and invest in Iraq.

   Iraqi Parliament Speaker Mohamed al-Halbousi is heading the one-day summit 
between Iraq and its six neighbors: Syria, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Turkey, Jordan, 
and Kuwait.

   The summit underlines a shift to Iraq's foreign policy, placing the country 
as a mediator between neighbors who are often at odds over weighty issues, such 
as the civil war in Syria, and U.S. sanctions against Iran.

   Iraqi leaders have emphasized Iraq's sovereignty since elections last year, 
and they say it is vital to Iraq's security and economy to develop good 
relations with the neighbors.

   The country is seeking billions of dollars in aid and investment to help it 
rebuild after 15 years of war.


Wheat Commentary

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Good evening, May corn finished up ¬ľ of a cent, beans up 1.5 cents, and wheat down 2.75. Generally benign session today going into a long weekend. More pork exports were reported to China which might end up being a timely add in to a trade deal solving the issues of lowering trade deficit and stabilizing the price of pork. The WTO ruled in favor to the US vs China in a complaint against the Chinese use of Tariff Rate Quotas. One would assume this is helpful to the US hand when it comes to the trade agreement. But, its not really the time for assumptions‚Ķ Market is still anxious for the outcome of the trade war and funds are still grinding their short position axe. Big crops down south (are getting bigger) with the US farmer not far from planting are making supply forecasts look massive. Rain in the forecast keeping ground wet and field work minimal. Market will continue to build risk premium until forecast dries out for several days. Think the wet weather will have to persist few more weeks to make funds get out of the short positions. Or a trade deal.
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