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DTN Midday Grain Comments

DTN Midday Grain Comments     04/18 11:33

   Wheat, Corn Lower at Midday

   Wheat is the downside leader at midday.

By David Fiala
DTN Contributing Analyst

 General Comments

   The U.S. stock market indices are mixed with the Dow 50 points higher. The 
interest rate products are weaker. The dollar index is 38 points higher. 
Energies are narrowly mixed. Livestock trade is mixed. Precious metals are 
mixed with gold flat. 


   Corn trade is flat to 2 cents lower at midday with light selling during the 
day session as we head to the long weekend The Western Corn Belt should be more 
open in the near term with the central part looking more open, and most rains 
concentrated to the east with forecasts showing more consistency, and the 
extended forecasts trending warmer. Ethanol blender margins have remained 
strong with ethanol futures edging slightly lower this morning. South American 
harvest should continue to move along at a good clip. The weekly export sales 
were improved at 947,600 metric tons old crop, and 18,400 of new. On the May 
nearby chart, support is the recent low at $3.55 then $3.52, with the 10-day at 
$3.61 nearby resistance, and then the 20-day at $3.66. 


   Soybean trade is narrowly mixed with quiet midday trade going into the 
three-day market weekend. Meal is flat to $1.00 lower, and oil is 10 to 20 
point higher. Crush margins have faded this week with basis trying to firm in 
spots of the central U.S. South American currencies remain cheap as soybean 
harvest winds down, which should limit harvest pressure. On the trade front, 
further negotiations were announced with a projected end date in late May with 
trade remaining in show me mode. The weekly export sales were soft at 382,100 
metric tons of old crop, 21,100 of new, meal 295,300 metric tons, and 24,200 of 
oil. On the May chart support is the recent low at $8.76 1/2, and then the 
six-month low at $8.71, with resistance clustered in the $8.93 to $8.95 range.


   Wheat trade is 1 to 8 cents lower with early short covering giving way to 
renewed fund selling with the spreads favoring the higher protein wheats. 
Europe and the Black Sea area will be watched closely for further rains, with a 
mixed start to the year with Romanian conditions off 20% from last year. The 
U.S. high Plains look drier in the near term, but moisture is very good for the 
moment with warmer temps to boost growth, with progress in the north likely to 
remain behind pace but should be more open into next week. The dollar is 
sharply higher this morning. The weekly export sales were mixed at 317,700 
metric tons of old crop, and 227,800 of new. On the May KC chart support the 
fresh lows at $4.14, with the lower Bollinger band at $4.15, and resistance the 
10-day at $4.26. 

   David Fiala is a DTN contributing analyst and the President of FuturesOne 
and a registered adviser
He can be reached at 
Follow him on Twitter @davidfiala


Copyright 2019 DTN/The Progressive Farmer. All rights reserved.

Wheat Commentary

No daily commentary available

Other Commentary

Good evening, May corn finished up ¬ľ of a cent, beans up 1.5 cents, and wheat down 2.75. Generally benign session today going into a long weekend. More pork exports were reported to China which might end up being a timely add in to a trade deal solving the issues of lowering trade deficit and stabilizing the price of pork. The WTO ruled in favor to the US vs China in a complaint against the Chinese use of Tariff Rate Quotas. One would assume this is helpful to the US hand when it comes to the trade agreement. But, its not really the time for assumptions‚Ķ Market is still anxious for the outcome of the trade war and funds are still grinding their short position axe. Big crops down south (are getting bigger) with the US farmer not far from planting are making supply forecasts look massive. Rain in the forecast keeping ground wet and field work minimal. Market will continue to build risk premium until forecast dries out for several days. Think the wet weather will have to persist few more weeks to make funds get out of the short positions. Or a trade deal.
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